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Conversation Workshop

Learn French by practicing it!

Join our conversation workshop to develop your comprehension and expression in French on topics related to daily life. A small group conversation is perfect to practise and consolidate your spoken French in a friendly environment.

These workshops are fun and engaging, but they do not replace real French lessons!

All classes are subject to confirmation based on registration numbers.

Please read our policies available for download here.

For registration, kindly fill in the registration form available for download here and

email the completed form to

Topic: At the restaurant

Time Schedule:

Wednesday, 21 December

6 PM  - 7 PM

Course Fees:
$12 / student

Open to:

A1 - A2 levels

1 year French at UBD/UTB or IGCSE/IB French.

Members, students and alumni of AFBD.

Conversation Workshop - December 2022

Content & Objectives: 

- You will expand your vocabulary and your use of verbs

- Grammar covered will depend on the needs of the group

- The workshop will focus on speaking practice, allowing you to improve your fluency, accuracy and confidence

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