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Curious about Brunei
and Malay language?

Welcome to Brunei!

Ever wondered what the road signs in Arabic writing mean?

Should you point with your finger or your thumb?

What if your fishmonger at the market doesn't speak English?


To integrate and immerse yourself, join our 2-day programme:


Time Schedule:

Tuesday and Thursday

4.15PM - 5.45PM

Three Slots Available:

Slot 1:    13th & 14th September

Slot 2:   18th & 19th October

Slot 3:   15th & 16th November

Course Fees:
$35 / person for 2-day programme

Curious about Brunei

In English

Programme's Content 

By the end of the course you will be able to :

- Read and understand road signs

- Communicate in Malay to shop at the local market

- Know the do's and don'ts in Brunei.

- Have a better understanding of the Bruneian way of life

- What? Where? When? How ? Get all the answers you need to make the most of your stay.


Welcome to Brunei will give you the keys to the Kingdom of Unexpected Treasures !  

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