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On April 22, Alliance Française de Brunei Darussalam joined in with the Earth Day celebrations around the world. AF organised a discussion on the ways we could contribute at our level as a local organisation, and held a tree-planting activity in line with this year's team of "Invest In Our Planet."

President of AF de Brunei Darussalam Pehin Orang Kaya Pekerma Laila Diraja Dato Seri Setia Haji Hazair bin Haji Abdullah and French Ambassador-Designate to Brunei Darussalam Bernard Regnauld-Fabre joined in the afternoon at the outdoor area of AF’s premises to plant a Phoenix Roebelenii (a dwarf evergreen palm tree) and an Eugenia Oleina (an evergreen shrub). Indoor and outdoor plants were also available for repotting by children.

During the discussion, 52 tips from the Earth Day website were highlighted to provide topics and ideas, which AF de Brunei Darussalam are looking to put into practice in the next few months.

The gathering aimed to provide a kick-start of things to come in terms of creating awareness, with the hope to expand activities and have a broader coverage.

The discussion also covered ways to start the journey towards a greener way of life. Specifically mentioned were: composting; the 3Rs (reuse, reduce, recycle); sustainable food; waste management; solar power, one home at a time; as well as cleaning campaigns done either solo or in groups to remove trash from neighbourhoods, beaches, rivers, lakes, trails and parks, to name a few.

Reducing waste and plastic pollution, improving habitats and preventing harm to wildlife and humans were also discussed.

In addition, the idea of hosting talks and events to showcase ideas in sustainable and nature-based products was laid out on the table, along with an idea for sustainable fashion.

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