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Ciné Club

Short movies in French to discover

On the occasion of the short-movie festival (La fête du court-métrage) and Francophonie month.

Movies suitable for ages from 12 years old and above.

Enjoy short movies!

Browse through for our selection of short movies:




On the occasion of International Women's Day, we are offering a pre-session with 

AFFRANCHIES (Freed), a selection of portraits of women who stand out and who, through their choices, demonstrate audacity, independence and assertive freedom.

À POINT (The Right Time) by Aurélie Marpeaux

Anna, eighteen years old, has always lived in a housing estate in Bourg-en-Bresse. But when a great professional opportunity obliges her to leave for Paris, she does not seem ready to leave behind her, her neighborhood, her friends and her memories. All his identity, in short. What will she be willing to give up?

À Point

BEACH FLAGS by Sarah Saidan

Vida is a young lifeguard swimmer from Iran. Favorite in her team, she is determined to fight to participate in an international competition in Australia. But, with the arrival of Sareh, as fast as she is, she will be confronted with an unexpected situation.

By Sarah Saidan    |    Year: 2014    |    Duration: 00:13:39    |    Country: France

Genre: Animation 

Beach Flags


Adventure is adventure

This series will start with a short movie:



A gigantic spaceship disrupts the tranquility of Paris life, sucking up everything in its path.

By Vincent de Bellis, Milos Eratostene, Terence Guilpin, Léo Lefebvre, Raphaël Leylavergne, Arthur Loiseau, Mohamed Oumoumad, Dimitri Trouve    |    Year: 2016    |    Duration: 00:03:00  Country: France    |    Genre: Fiction    |    Production : ISART Digital

Follow the main characters of the following short movies in their explorations of all kinds.



At the start of his 20,000 kilometre bike ride Manu crosses paths with Victor, a teenager behind the wheel of a stolen car. Manu enjoys travelling, open spaces and making new friends. Victor does not.



A tourist bus on an excursion in the mountains. After a short pit stop, part of the tour group suspects that one of their own is missing ; despite the confusion, the bus isn't risking leaving anyone behind, especially in such a harsh environment. The group wavers, doubts and begins to lose patience - who is it really that is lost ?

By Martin Scali    |    Year: 2020    |    Duration: 00:19:00    |    Country: France

Genre: Fiction    |    With Pauline Lorillard, Emmanuel Matte, Coralie Russier, Anne Broussard, Fred Epaud    |    Music: Nico Motte    |    Production : Vixens

An interlude:


Vicious Cycle features a group of little autonomous robots performing a range of repetitive functions, driven by mechanical devices. But as the mechanisms mercilessly start getting faster and faster, things take a turn for the worse for the helpless robots.

By Michael Marczewski  |    Year: 2017    |    Duration: 00:03:22    |    Country: France

Genre: Animation, Experimental    |   Music: Marcus Olsson Autoproduction 

Vicious Cycle


Escape reality

All means are good to escape reality, even the most absurd.

L’HOMME SILENCIEUX (The silent man)


On the esplanade of La Défense, a man in a suit wanders about, lost. He has just been dismissed and he hasn't gone home. From one of the high towers of the business district, his former colleagues observe him and wonder why he is still there, and what he may have in mind.

A transition:


Subway Idiot

An idiot who runs along the subway trains falls in love...

By Colin Elzie    |    Year: 2016    |    Duration: 00:01:40    |    Country: United States

Genre: Fiction    |    With Arthur Meyer, Becky Krause, Seth Reiss Autoproduction 


Getting out of our prisons

Whether real, mental, or family, we always find a way to break free from our prisons.



Eighteen-year-old Mike is passionate about wine and is preparing to pass his end-of-studies sommelier exam and to go and work far from his family. At the same time, his father, a farmer who uses brutal methods, involves him in an old territory war.

By Sylvain Pioutaz.    |    Year: 2017    |    Duration: 00:18:55    |    Country: France

Genre: Fiction    |    With Rio Vega, Anthony Paliotti, Léonie Simaga, Adil Dehbi, Lancelot Cherer, Laurent Fernandez    |    Music: Sylvain Lemêtre    |    Production : Takami Productions

To conclude:


Gateau Gato

"Gâteau Gato", new short-film by Alexandre Dubosc, specialized in cooked stop motion.

By Alexandre Dubosc   |    Year: 2018    |    Duration: 00:01:28    |    Country: France

Genre: Animation   |    Autoproduction 

Francophonie 2023
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