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The full policies can be viewed and are available for download by clicking here.

Enrollment and membership

Student enrolled will need to be a member of Alliance Française de Brunei Darussalam (AFBD).

Membership fees of BND30 will be for the first time deducted from the first payment. Membership applies for one year from the date of first enrolment. 


Fees for tuition, membership and material are payable in advance before commencement of the class and the first day of the session (private classes package, group class monthly payment by instalment fees or for the entire course). 

Private tuition packages have a validity of 6 or 9 months from the date of enrolment.

No refunds or credits will be made for partial, discontinued or interrupted attendance of the course. 

Cancellation and withdrawal

Alliance Française de Brunei Darussalam reserves the right to cancel a class, and to cancel or postpone a course whose minimum number of students is not attained. 

Students enrolled in a course are required to attend the scheduled classes and the course.

Cancellation of class notice is required at least 24 hours in advance. 

If a student fails to complete the course he/she will not be entitled to a refund and cannot transfer the remaining fees to another student.

Key points of rules of procedures. They are given to each of the students, and to their parents or legal representative in the case of a minor.

Alliance Française de Brunei Darussalam reserves the right to discontinue a student on account of misconduct or unruly behaviour. 

While committed to providing a safe environment, Alliance Française de Brunei Darussalam does not accept liability for loss of property or personal injury in the premises. 

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