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Participate in an immersive experience of French culture through virtual art

at Alliance Française de Brunei Darussalam!

What is Novembre Numérique

Novembre Numérique is the festival of digital cultures.

It gives an immersive experience into French culture through virtual art.

With Novembre Numérique, the Institut français works with the French cultural network abroad to highlight the variety of French digital creation in its various forms (virtual reality, augmented reality, digital art, video games etc) and facilitates access to new technologies and to creators.

Join the launching of Novembre Numérique!


Date: 20 November, Sunday

Time: 2 PM - 6 PM

Venue: Alliance Française de Brunei Darussalam,

No 1, BH Garden, Spg 116, Jln Tungku


Free entry upon RSVP.

Book your slot by contacting us at 8291986 (WhatsApp).

Novembre Numerique 2022

Novembre Numérique will run from 20 November until 30 November!

Visit us for Novembre Numérique (Digital November) and live a virtual reality experience!

You can also discover artistic works from a virtual angle, have fun creating a comic strip and learn about digital cultures.


Innovative Books


Video Games

Virtual Reality


BDnF, the comics factory


An app for tablets, desktop and phones.


It allows users to make comics, graphic novels or any other narrative combining both images and text. Available free for desktop and laptop computers, tablets, and, in a simplified format, for mobile phones.

Suitable for all audiences.

MOA, My Own Assistant


An interactive augmented-reality story.

Welcome to 2040.


You have put your life in the hands of an OS which knows you by heart. Decisions, relationships, purchases: everything has become simple. It gently guides you through all the stimuli that unfold around you.

Suitable for all audiences; Teenagers - from 12 to 18 years

From 15 to 18 minute(s)

Play a Kandinsky

Play a Kadinsky

Dive into the world of Kandinsky, the pioneer of abstraction. Discover, through the immersive and playful tool "Play a Kandinsky", the exceptional gift of synesthesia of the painter, who "saw" music in colors..

Suitable for all audiences

The Cathar country game


You are a faidit, a rebel Occitan lord of the 13th century. Develop your castrum - a fortified village - to face the assaults of your opponents, the crusaders, and offer shelter to the hunted Cathars.


With the help of your faithful companions, travel the Cathar country in search of objects that you can combine in your WORKSHOP to save the Occitan culture from annihilation.

Teenagers - from 12 to 18 years; Adults

From 2 to 4 hours

The taste of the risk

The taste of the risk.png

The taste of the risk by Benoît Lichté is a transmedia project consisting of a documentary and an immersive virtual reality experience. It takes us to a unique meeting with 3 remarkable athletes and to an immersive discovery of 4 extreme disciplines: Freeride snowboarding and wingsuit flying (Géraldine Fasnacht), big wave surfing and paddleboarding (Amaury Lavernhe) and constant weight apnea (Guillaume Nery).

Suitable for all audiences

From 15 to 45 minutes

The Curie method

The Curie Method

A cross between comic, animation, historical novel and science lesson, The Curie Method aims to introduce readers to the scientific instruments the Curies used and to make their research on radioactivity easier to understand.

Suitable for all audiences

From 30 to 40 minutes


Mona Lisa: Beyond the Glass

Mona Lisa.png

Mona Lisa: Beyond the Glass is the first virtual reality (VR) experience presented by Musée du Louvre. The virtual reality experience combines moving image, sound and interactive design to create a deeply engaging way to immerse visitors in the world of da Vinci’s as well as bringing to life decades of conservation research and data, including infrared scans. Transporting the viewer through time, the experience unveils insights into how the artwork was originally created, how it might have looked in the past, and how it has changed over 500 years.

Suitable for all audiences

8 minutes


Musée du Louvre        HTC Vive Arts         Emissive


In the shoes of Thomas Pesquet (Part 1)

Thomas Pesquet

In his room, a child comes out of the rocket built by his father. He falls asleep contemplating the stars, wishing to become an astronaut. This child's name is Thomas Pesquet. 30 years later, he invites us to share his dream come true: from his training on Earth to his first spacewalk in the interstellar vacuum.

Suitable for all audiences

15 minutes


La Vingt-Cinquième Heure

La Vingt-Cinquième Heure_Logo.png
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