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بلاجر بهاس ڤرانچيس 

Holding a Book

             كلس ڤرسنديرين

We offer private classes and group classes for individuals who are keen to develop their French language skill for personal and professional objectives.

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We provide classes for companies who wish to have their employees learn French for the benefit of future international relations.

Register for upcoming French Proficiency Test (DELF-DAFL) available at Alliance Française de Brunei Darussalam.

Graduates Holding Diplomas


Le French Corner


Both Brunei and France believe that cuisine represents the spirit of the city, the country and her people.

With Le French Corner, we offer you the chance to experience French cuisine at your doorstep!

اكتيۏيتي يڠ اكن داتڠ

French Cooking Class 19 August

French Cooking Class

Join our cooking class next week on Friday, August 19! We will be making《 Gratin Dauphinois 》🧑🏻‍🍳👩🏻‍🍳  Gratin dauphinois is a potato and milk gratin from Dauphiné - an area in South Eastern France. 

Our seats are limited! For more info and registration, contact us at 8291986 (WA) or email contact@afbrunei.org

Soirée Quiz Night 26 août

French Cooking Class

Rejoignez la prochaine Soirée Quiz Night le vendredi 26 août à 19h00 et testez votre connaissance de la culture française ! 
Le quiz sera en français (avec des explications en anglais).

N’oubliez pas de remplir le formulaire (https://bit.ly/3qNGJFO) si vous n’êtes pas encore membre de l’Alliance française.


Join our upcoming session of Soirée Quiz Night on 26 August, Friday and test your knowledge on French culture! 
The quiz will be in French (with some explanations in English).

Fill in your Alliance Française annual membership form (https://bit.ly/3qNGJFO) if you haven't!

📱8291986 (WA)
📧 contact@afbrunei.org


Recently at AFBD...

Classical Music Performance

On the occasion of Fête de la musique and the 35 years anniversary of Alliance Française de Brunei Darussalam, a Classical Music Performance was organised in collaboration with Brunei Music Society.

Classical Music Performance 18 June 2022

Earth Day 2022

On April 22, Alliance Française de Brunei Darussalam joined in with the Earth Day celebrations around the world. AF organised a discussion on the ways we could contribute at our level as a local organisation, and held a tree-planting activity in line with this year's team of "Invest In Our Planet."

Earth Day 2022

ايكوتي اينستاڬرام كامي


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